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We work for you, not your creditors.
We can help you find debt relief from your unsecured debt in a shorter time frame and you experience a huge amount of savings.
Unlike most Debt Settlement companies, we provide all services in-house.
We focus on providing prompt, accurate and efficient service.
We treat our client with respect and dignity.
We are dedicated to offering confidential and professional services
This tool will give you an approximation of the difference
between Lexington Debt Control and other common debt solutions.
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** results may vary and are dependent upon several factors including individual circumstances, creditors' willingness to settle, successful completion of program and ability to save funds. Lexington Financial Solutions does not assume or pay any debt, nor does it provide legal advice or offer credit repair. Settlement estimates of 50% are examples of past performance of settled accounts and do not take into consideration our service fees or potential tax consequences. Program not available in all states. Read and understand contract terms before enrolling.