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Rising credit card minimums: Fair or foul?

Opening the August credit card statement is going to send the blood pressure of some Chase customers skyward

10 things credit card issuers don't say

Some of the card companies' little-known rules are costing you money -- and putting your credit, your identity and your family at risk.

Keep your house from leaking cash

Think it's impossible to lower your power bill? Think again!

American views about credit cards: negative A

mericans seem to put card issuers in the same category as bullies: 82 percent say card issuers are not entitled to change the terms of accounts at any time for any reason

The next credit crunch

Our easy access to plastic is about to dry up - and with it our ability to fake living the good life

Life without plastic

You'd be surprised by the benefits of giving up your credit cards - even if you never carry a balance.

Lenders create a bankruptcy monster

The bankruptcy reform law isn't working as advertised -- and lenders, whose loose lending standards contributed to the problem, appear to be abusing the system.

How can you save on gas?

Pay cash ! As profits become slimmer or disappear, some gas station owners are offering cash discounts to cut back on the hefty credit card fees they must pay.

Credit scores hit by card limits

Credit-card lenders lower borrowing levels, which hurts consumers' credit scores

Credit-Card Use Is Surging, Risking Another Debt Crisis

Cash-strapped Americans are ringing up more and more purchases on their credit and debit cards, and there could be a steep price to pay ahead.

The best financial advice ever - Prince Charming isn't coming.

Live like a college student. Never co-sign a loan. Money experts like David Bach and readers like you share the best nuggets of wisdom they have ever received

Emptying the attic to pay the bills

Desperate for cash, strapped sellers are using online auctions and flea markets to unload household goods, including possessions of great sentimental value

Help! My debts are killing me!

Mary Pollack is running out of money. Here's how she can get afloat again.

10 ways to curb sleazy debt collectors

Consumers and regulators should act now, before things get ugly, to keep abusive and dishonest collectors under control during a bad economy.

It's time for a credit card revolution

Remember when banks weren't out to get you? I do. And with Congress' help, we can un-rig a system that's determined to make you fail.

The credit card party is officially over

Don't count on those 0% offers anymore. As banks stick even good customers with higher rates and tighten up on credit lines and balance transfers, you need to think about protecting yourself

Workers step up raids on 401(k)s

More Americans are tapping their retirement plans as the credit crunch and falling home values make cash harder to come by. But such a loan is usually a bad idea.

Credit Card Companies and Your Debt CBN News Video.

Millions of Americans are drowning in credit card debt. High interest rates and low minimum payments are just some of the reasons why it is hard for consumers to escape from the debt trap.

9 money rules to live by

Americans young and old are flunking their finances, but money mastery isn't really that hard. Here are 9 simple keys you need to know.

Mastercard acknowledges Debt Settlement as a valid way to handle debt

Mastercard website: "Under a debt reduction settlement, a creditor agrees to reduce the amount you owe in return for a guarantee that you will pay off the reduced amount at specified terms. Under a debt reduction settlement, the debt is generally resolved within one to three years, with creditors settling for between 20 and 80 percent of the original debt."

Lenders cut off the home-equity tap

Thousands of homeowners are getting notices that their lines of credit have been frozen, and it's harder to get new second mortgages. For more than a decade, banks encouraged homeowners to tap their equity for everything from paying off credit cards to covering college tuition. Now lenders are abruptly shutting off the spigot.

Credit cards loosely tied to Fed rate cuts

The Federal Reserve's dramatic rate cuts in recent weeks were expected to make it cheaper for consumers to use credit cards. Bruised by a rise in foreclosures, banks have been reluctant to lower rates for cardholders who have missed payments or had their credit scores slip.

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