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About Lexington Financial Solutions

As a debt settlement company, Lexington Financial Solutions (LFS) seeks to become the most reliable debt settlement program in existence. To do so and be the best a debt settlement company requires professionalism reliability trust. That‘s who LFS is. We set high standards in debt settlement and we abide by them as we practice business fairly and behave ethically. We share our expectations with each other and strive to maintain a reliable debt settlement company built on mutual values, trust and goodwill.

LFS Debt Settlement Company Mission
Our corporate objective is to become the best debt settlement company in existence. Considered by many to be one of the most reliable debt settlement companies in the industry, LFS is recognized as a debt settlement company that helps people become and remain financially stable.

Better People
Our debt settlement company was founded to provide its clients with a better quality of life; a financially stable life. LFS’s staff is knowledgeable, customer-focused, sincere, and committed to providing our clients with reliable debt settlement and all of the information, support, and guidance that is needed to help them on the road to financial recovery. No one chooses to lose control of their finances. We understand that bad things happen to good people. LFS is committed to maintaining our reputation of being a reliable debt settlement company that helps establish and maintain our client’s financial future through debt negotiation and debt settlement.

Better Service
LFS’s ability to produce results, complimented by our desire to help people, has made us a leader in the debt settlement industry. We understand and appreciate the significance that financial obligations play in our daily lives and the stress that comes from not being able to meet those obligations. By helping to reduce debts, through debt settlement, our program will allow you to regain control over your financial affairs and facilitate a solid foundation for future financial growth. We are here to assist you in your time of need.

Better Results
At LFS, we attribute our success to an image of trust as a reliable debt settlement company. Every day we help people just like you. We work together to lower your debt and help you regain control over your finances. It is our belief that in order to maintain an economically balanced lifestyle, you must address financial instability at its origin... debt. Once your debt has been addressed, we will present you with options to help maintain a financially stable lifestyle.

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** results may vary and are dependent upon several factors including individual circumstances, creditors' willingness to settle, successful completion of program and ability to save funds. Lexington Financial Solutions does not assume or pay any debt, nor does it provide legal advice or offer credit repair. Settlement estimates of 50% are examples of past performance of settled accounts and do not take into consideration our service fees or potential tax consequences. Program not available in all states. Read and understand contract terms before enrolling.