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Each of our clients has a unique, individual story – and our mission is to make sure each one ends well. On this page, you can view a small sampling of testimonials from some of our customers who once faced seemingly insurmountable debt and have since settled to zero. When choosing a debt settlement company, debt settlement testimonials can help provide proof of a debt settlement companies ability to perform. That's why we have compiled a few of the wonderful comments our customers have sent in for your review. We look forward to helping you with a debt settlement today!

Thank you Lexington!
"I am thrilled to be telling my amazing story & experience about "LEXINGTON FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS". I was at a point in life drowning in debt and did not know where to turn. I was told to take the bankruptcy option, but my belief was not to go in this direction. I met with a wonderful financial advisor and was introduced to the Lexington Financial Solutions program. I started the program a few months ago and found the process and savings to be unbelievable. Savings on a couple accounts were amazing. The balance on one account was over $7,000.00 and my settlement was over 15%. Payment to settle account was approximately $1,200.00. Second account I saved over 30% by paying $600.00 from balance of $1,970.00. These are tremendous savings that will help myself and others get financially stable and live debt free. I would recommend this program to all "LEXINGTON FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS" is truly a company with excellent resource that cares about people. "

- Debra J. - NY
" In the late Spring of 2008, I realized that I needed help with my finances, mainly my credit card situation. I started doing some research on the Internet and came across something called debt settlement. I had never heard of it before, so I started looking into it further. I know that I did not ever want to go bankrupt, and saw debt settlement as the most viable option. I couldn't be more pleased with Lexington Financial Solutions!! I just finished one complete year with them and have settled almost half of my original debt!! I can't believe how quickly the process has been going. I know I still have a long road ahead, but Lexington Financial Solutions has been there with me through it all and will till the very end! Thanks to the whole gang for making my bad financial situation such a great experience! "

- Vernon K. - FL

"After a series of unexpected medical expenses I reviewed my assets and came to a quick conclusion that my debt to income ratio was out of balance and would probably never be resolved. Once I contacted Lexington Financial Solutions and their team of experts reviewed my financial status they were able to offer me another solution and a strategy to solve my debt problems. Without judgment from the Lexington Financial Solutions staff and with their ongoing support I have begun to settle my accounts and am able to see an end to my financial nightmare. Following their suggestions I have been able to resolve five of my eight debts."

- Michael F.- WA
" I was in a very complex situation and had researched a lot of avenues on which to solve and eliminate my financial problems. When first contacting your company, I was scared and skeptical and didn't know if Lexington Financial Solutions was my solution. It didn't take long to find that out that I had made the right choice. A year and a half ago, I was over $30,000 in debt and today, I am living in peace without debt and knowing that it would not have happened if it wasn't for the great team at Lexington Financial Solutions. "

- Hsiu M. - CA
Here's what customers are saying about Lexington Financial Solutions and it's Debt Settlement Services...
" This has been a very trying time and our choice to go with Lexington Financial Solutions was one that required a great deal of deliberation. We couldn't have made a better choice. Everyone has been considerate, kind, and even compassionate with regards to what were going through. It's been beneficial having someone to talk with, who really knows what options are available as well as how to maximize the time we have to deal with. Everyone we’ve dealt with is real people who want to help. We have been blessed to find Lexington Financial Solutions. "

- Greg G. - NV
" In December of 2007, I made the phone call that would change my life. In December 2007, I formed a partnership with Lexington Financial Solutions and vowed that I would work diligently with this company, so I could retire debt free. I am half way through the program and, with the continued support and assistance from Lexington Financial Solutions, have managed to pay off all my smaller credit card debt We are working on the larger ones, and while it is a continuing struggle, knowing that I have this company working for me and my best interest definitely helps me to sleep better at night. While no one wants to have to settle debt they never intentionally thought they would incur, it is wonderful to have Lexington Financial Solutions working with you - they are always " just a phone call away". And, professional and friendly You couldn't ask for more."

- Julie W. - CA
" I joined the Lexington Financial Solutions program in July 2008. I signed up the first day and I received a phone call from my Arbitrator and he told me that he had just settled one of my accounts which was my biggest debt that I had.
I was shocked beyond words how fast Lexington Financial Solutions had settled my very first obligation, the 2nd day of my program. This took the biggest stress off me and I was so excited I had to tell my whole family. Lexington Financial Solutions has been by far, the best settlement program that I have joined. Once again, I really am very very happy that I joined Lexington Financial Solutions and will recommend it to everyone who is in my situation. "

- Janet P. - CA
" My entire family wants to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the assistance you have provided us over the past 13 months. We were $32,000 dollars in debt, and today, we are debt free. Everyone in your office was so helpful throughout the process. They consistently took the time to calm our nerves, and helped us keep level heads through the most difficult year of our life. Without your help, we would have crumbled. Our family just finished a very modest dinner, to celebrate our new start. The kids are too young to understand financial problems, but they did take note of the odd, exuberant smiles upon their parents' faces at dinner tonight, and this made them bubble with joy, even though they couldn't understand why it was such a special night for us all. My wife Robin, my two-year-old son, Cooper, and my four-month-old daughter, Avi, all thank you for giving us our lives back."

- Mel A. - TX
" We were in a BAD financial situation, which was only getting worse and with your help we are back on the road to financial freedom. We don't know what we would have done without your services! To owe just over $35,000 in debt and to settle for $7450 WAS A HUGE BURDEN LIFTED OFF OUR SHOULDERS! "

- Katie L. - NV


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