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For those who have at least $10,000 in outstanding unsecured debt, we provide a range of settlement services meant to help you get your finances – and your life – back on track.
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We don't demand collateral, such as your house.
We can settle the amount of your debt.
It won't take 20+ years to get rid of your debt.
We are not funded by the credit card companies.
We offer one lower program payment.
  Jay from West Virginia writes:

…wanted to thank you for your help in getting rid of my credit card debt. Thanks to everyones effort I can now finally start looking at making home improvements and living my life again… Learn More
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** results may vary and are dependent upon several factors including individual circumstances, creditors' willingness to settle, successful completion of program and ability to save funds. Lexington Financial Solutions does not assume or pay any debt, nor does it provide legal advice or offer credit repair. Settlement estimates of 50% are examples of past performance of settled accounts and do not take into consideration our service fees or potential tax consequences. Program not available in all states. Read and understand contract terms before enrolling.